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Featured @WBBM News Radio: Volunteer group takes action to combat ongoing violence on CTA trains

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The founder of the group Violence Interrupters stood at the South Side Red Line station  today to call for more security on the CTA  and he says he and his volunteers are ready to step up.

“I’m speaking up for the working class people today – the mothers that have to go to work every morning, ride the trains to work,” said Tio Hardiman.

Hardiman said he will have at least 10 volunteers out late Friday morning to stand watch on CTA Red Line trains.

WBBM spoke with a commuter who said she feels threatened every time she takes the CTA.

“I’ve witnessed a lot of stuff happening, like fights and stuff.  I’ve seen people get stabbed and stuff, so I don’t feel safe on the train,” she said. “I try my best not to take the train.”

One of Hardiman’s volunteers is Andre Hart, owner of 300 Elite Protection, a security agency.  He said he and his volunteers will not be armed on the CTA.

“Your presence is the only thing you have.  Maybe some people lose lives, yeah.  But if you’re not willing to give your life for something, is it worth living for?”

Asked for comment, CTA officials did not specifically address the plan of the volunteer group.

“The CTA is committed to providing a safe and reliable transit system for all riders. As part of our shared commitment to ensuring public safety, the CTA is doubling the number of unarmed security guards deployed in the system, which serves as a complement to CPD’s ongoing, strategic efforts,” a statement said.

“The CTA encourages riders to contact 9-1-1 for assistance or notify CTA personnel immediately if they see or suspect criminal behavior on the system.”

Source & Courtesy> Audacy and WBBM News Radio