Introduction to the Tio “Mr. CeaseFire” YouTube Web Series

Episode #1: Tio “Mr. CeaseFire” Hardiman Saves Little Donnie’s Life.

Episode #2: Tio “Mr. CeaseFire” Hardiman, Saves The Life of a Young Transgender Woman Named Felicia.

Episode #3: Pay Me My Money Or Else?

Episode #4: Watch What You Say, Because It Could Cost You Your Life One Day

Episode #5 – When the Tables turn on the Big Bully.

Episode #6 Social Media Beef. Way too deep to understand.

Episode #7 Baby’s Mama Drama

Episode #8 – No Flip/Flopping. Make a Choice Now.

Episode #9 -Where is my merchandise? You cannot just take something from me without consequences.

Episode #10 Everybody Deserves a Second Chance

Episode #11- You cannot sale anything on this block. You better listen now.

Episode #12- Counterfeit Money Conflict.

Episode #13- Tio Mr. CeaseFire Hardiman rescues twelve young women from a prostitution ring.

Episode #14- The Sellout Pastors of Chicago. Tio Hardiman True Comedy Story

Episode #15- True Gangster Comedy Story “Tough Guys.”

Episode #16- I cannot accept a 3 minute Beatdown. I just want out of the gang.

Episode #17- High Level Conflict Mediation 2.0

Episode #18 One on One Fight Goes Wrong