Violence Interruption Trainings

Training objectives:

  • To teach the theory of Treating Violence as a Public Health Epidemic/Public Health Model
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Community Outreach and High-Risk Youth Work
  • Understand Hospital Response Work
  • Learn how Violence Interrupters Work
  • Understand the “Building a Beloved community” model on nonviolence
  • Understand the six principles and six steps of nonviolence
  • Learn the Psychological and Emotional Impact of Trauma
  • Learn the prison reentry system to support formerly incarcerated residents to reenter back onto the community.
  • Learn effectively Preventing Shootings on the Front End before Shots are Fired.
  • Understand effective Public Education Strategies
  • Understand De-escalation and conflict resolution tactics
  • How to collaborate with Faith Based Leaders and Law Enforcement in the ongoing Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence.
  • Working with High-Risk Youth during the Covid 19 Era and Transitioning Case Loads to Online Services

The above trainings will take place over 40 hours and we could start by prioritizing some of the trainings based on the needs of the key stakeholders.