The Peace Initiative

Violence Interrupters focus on high level gang mediation and stopping retaliations. Having overcome the challenges and stigma of reentering society and the workforce, these individuals are uniquely skilled and suited as role models and support system for other ex-offenders and high risk young men. Due to the nature of their work, Violence Interrupters are generally individuals with past positions of leadership in gangs who now use their influence to prevent retaliations and create peace between gangs.

Violence Interrupters are largely identified by key stakeholders in the targeted community who has a history in the target community or has removed themselves from criminal activity and gang participation. The most relevant qualifications for Violence Interrupters is their previous experience working with high-risk young men and gang members, excellent communication skills, effective mediation skills, and crisis intervention skills. Hiring decisions are made by the Hiring Panel.

Violence Interrupters’ Scope of Work includes the following:

– Gain information on conflicts within the targeted area
– Formulate action plans to help resolve conflicts
– Meet with high-risk young men on a daily basis to discuss issues
– Help in the efforts to prevent all retaliatory shootings
– Develop relationships with key leaders in the community
– Attend community responses as needed
– Refer potential clients to Treatment Services
– Document all work related task
– Complete 40hr Violence Interruption Training
– Document conflicts mediated
– Attend select community meetings
– Work Hours and Days; Tuesday- Thursday from 2pm -10 pm Friday’s and Saturday’s from 4 pm- 12 midnight
– Organize two Peace Summits

Mr. Cease Fire by Slique Jay Adams

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