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Activists blast the city’s migrant plan – or lack of one


CHICAG0 (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A couple anti-violence activists showed up at a Chicago Police Department station Thursday where migrants were camped out in the lobby saying the situation needs to change.

Andre Smith and Tio Hardiman spoke on the sidewalk outside the 12th District station here at 14th and Blue Island.

“It’s not about the migrants. We’re not against them,” said Smith. “Once you come up with an idea and a title “sanctuary city”, plan of action has to go in place. There was no plan of action.”

These guys, who may one day be protesting police are now expressing concern for officers working in these makeshift shelters.

Hardiman said that officials are playing “political football” with the migrant issue.

“The burden of dealing with migrants in Chicago spread throughout the state of Illinois.”

As they spoke, migrant children played with toy cars in the background.

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